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Exhibition News
Exhibitor Recommendation—Guangdong Guanhao High-Tech Co., LTD
Source:  Published:2019-08-22 14:07:35
Guangdong Guanhao High -Tech Co., Ltd is a national key High -Tech enterprise,abbreviation:Guanhao High -Tech,It was established in 1993. which was listed on the Main Board of A-shares Stock Exchange in 2003, Stock code:600433,and introduced the Central enterprise “China Paper Corporation” by issuing non-public share stocks in 2009. Guanhao High -Tech owns two base paper production lines and more than 10 coating lines, The company introduced production equipment that represents world advanced level from Europe in succession. It was the first company that produce thermal paper and a production base to produce carbonless copy paper, self-adhesive materials, sublimation transfer paper in large-scale with the most advanced production equipments and process in domestic. .Build up a Specialty Paper Engineering and Technology R & D Center and the Enterprise Technology Center at the provincial level.It has collected a group of high quality professionals who are accomplished in papermaking, coating technology, chemistry, automation and printing in the interior of the country. High quality, high efficiency R & D and management team have laid a solid foundation for a sustainable development of the company. 

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