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The resistance of digital printing in home textile
Source:  Published:2017-10-23 14:53:26
Since the development of digital printing, it has met the success in the clothing and ceramics. However, digital printing in household textile still needs to exploit because many businessman lose the sight of this domain. Then we invited the president of DTS Hong Kong, Mr Yuan to talk about the current situation of digital printing in home textile.

In his opinion, the digital printing in home textile will be more creative and reliable than in clothing. There are much more type of garment fabric, the fiber is more complex. The home textile products are single, and the product specification is relatively simple. Besides, all the bedding are simple cutting. It is easier to customize than clothing.

Actually, the application of digital printing in home textile doesn’t have much development this year. The home textile merchant still expects this application but they can’t find convenience equipment. They have high demand in print speed, quality and stability.

In the other hand, the printing area and width of home textile fabric is large. We can’t have any defects in seven or eight meter square, otherwise it causes the quality problem. As a result, the home textile merchant will faced with the huge cost if the printing machine produces defective product due to the instability.

With the improvement in living condition, people would like to spend more money on buying a customized product. That will be the market trend in most of the industry. In other words, this market should be developed with technological updating and consumer’s demand.