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The advantage of digital direct jet printing  Published:2017-10-23 10:50:57

The advantage of digital direct jet printing

1、The digital direct jet printing doesn’t need to plate making basic on the color. It can reduce the expensive fee and time for plate making. It enables companies to modernize in cost-effective with maximum return on investment.

2、The digital direct jet printing  featured high color fastness and fine pattern. The digital direct jet printing system is equipped with advanced printing machine. The printing effect could be on a par with the photos. This technology has broken the traditional printing restrictions and enhances flexibility in the printing design.

3、Nowadays, everyone wants to have his own personalized products. So everyone is a designer. Customized products become popular especially in fashionable dress and household textile product. Due to this new technology, the Minimum Order Quantity is one meter square. Clients have the opportunity to produce the product with his design.

4、The production cycle of digital direct jet printing is shorter than before. It is easier to change the design for adapting to market demands.

5、The digital direct jet printing can print in different textile fabric such as cotton, fibre, silk, etc. In the international market, this technology has already met with success in high-level custom clothing and personalized household textile.

6、Without the plate making process, the design can be printed in any size.

7、This will be the green environmental protection technique. During the whole productive process, there won’t produce the harmful substance like formaldehyde.