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Post exhibition Report
The 34th Shenzhen Asia Pacific Screen Printing and Digital Printing Exhibition 2020, with “Smart Printing World Creating the Future” as the theme, it offered innovation in exhibition content, supporting activities, exhibition forms and publicity approaches in the light of industrial development status and trend, and has been highly praised of by all walks of life.
With an exhibition area of 20000 square meters, more than 200 enterprises from all over the world with thousands of brands participated in the exhibition. The exhibits mainly involved digital printing, screen printing, industrial digital printing equipment, materials and technologies, which succeeded in attracting visitors from across the world to participate in the grand event. On the site, the exhibition received 26559 visitors and nearly 130000 online live viewers.

It organized on-the-site “2020 Summit Forum on Innovation and Development of Screen Printing and Digital Integration - Forum on Ways to Break the Situation in Post Epidemic Era”, “Forum on Technological Development Trend of Digital Printing Future -- 2020 Digital Printing Industry”, “Printing World - 2020 Fashion Printing and Digital Printing Summit Forum”, personalized on-site experience activities and live activities to discuss about the direction of the development of digital printing, screen printing and industrial digital printing industries as well as market openness and technical operation, etc. in the era of creation, which has provided diversified thinking space for industrial development.