Exhibitor Service
Exhibition Service
Exhibition service:

The organizing committee will providing to all the exhibitors a comprehensive value-added service and personalized solution in order to guarantee the benefit maximization of exhibitors. We will render the service to our exhibitors during and after the exhibition.
1、  Exhibition program and cost estimates
2、  Personalized display proposal
-          On behalf of  Exhibitor Press Release
-          Show Preview
3、  promotion activity
-          advertising (additional fee)
-          send Direct Mail to the list of buyer offered by exhibitors
4、  invitation to the special buyer
-          inviting the VIP buyer for exhibitor personally
5、  email to all the target group
-          progress and highlights of the show
-          market new
6、  exhibition’s website on two languages
-          online exhibitor/ visitor application
-          online business matching
7、exhibitor’s information published on the show catalogue 
8、Analysis of visitor after exhibition
Virtual exhibition
Virtual Exhibition is the value-added services offered by exhibition organizers for exhibitors, 24 hours 7 days broadcast the exhibition online. Via the online exhibition, exhibitor can demonstrate their product on the internet before, during and after the show. It also enforces the interactivity between organizer, exhibitors and visitors. The virtual exhibition promotes the company’s image and product of exhibitor more effectively. In the other hand, the visitor can increase awareness of products and services on display.